Spring 2021 MI-Access District and Building Coordinator Administration Training - Shared screen with speaker view
Phoebe Gohs
Here is the link to yesterday's M-STEP recording: https://datarecognitioncorp.zoom.us/rec/play/oDxX9RF3pPThdMORVmWlbr8O45mk3gLPIqY0PZ-SKB7PcQFEW2On8-yOj8bYdlQgQGjkWwZWyGC87wop.I9Zv5wBbridFFkH3?continueMode=true&_x_zm_rtaid=VjE19NYwS3m-r3fGD1FsZA.1614706109870.bb3b15023818c37c99e5c4a5fad379c5&_x_zm_rhtaid=290
Phoebe Gohs
You can access the M-STEP slides on the DRC INSIGHT Portal.
Phoebe Gohs
@Roshelle: Test Administration Manuals
Phoebe Gohs
Tutorials are for use in preparing students for testing. Not the day of testing.
Phoebe Gohs
It is on the DRC INSIGHT Portal, but here's the link again: https://datarecognitioncorp.zoom.us/rec/play/oDxX9RF3pPThdMORVmWlbr8O45mk3gLPIqY0PZ-SKB7PcQFEW2On8-yOj8bYdlQgQGjkWwZWyGC87wop.I9Zv5wBbridFFkH3?continueMode=true&_x_zm_rtaid=VjE19NYwS3m-r3fGD1FsZA.1614706109870.bb3b15023818c37c99e5c4a5fad379c5&_x_zm_rhtaid=290
Bre Bjerketvedt
Hi Ashley, yes - you must enter the SI and P scores via the website
Phoebe Gohs
Access to the DRC INSIGHT Portal is granted through the OEAA Secure Site. If you don't have access, go to www.michigan.gov/securesitetraining and there's a document there that takes you step by step through the process to get a login.
Phoebe Gohs
@kalvirez that is true. :)
John Jaquith (Michigan)
Generally, while Si and P levels are considered paper-pencil since it is not delivered online, however it is not a paper-pencil test. It uses selected-response and activity-based observation items.
Kate Cermak, Michigan
@Patricia We are waiting for final word from USED regarding our waiver request. MDE does not support bringing students into school solely for the sake of testing. More to come after we hear back from USED.
Phoebe Gohs
@Heidi each tutorial is just one or two minutes. They're each focused on a single tool.
Phoebe Gohs
@Eugene - there are 2 pages on that page right now. Be sure you look on both pages. But which document are you looking for?
John Jaquith (Michigan)
Please be sure to take the Assessment Selection Training and use the Interactive Decision Making Tool on the MI-Access web page. It is important to know that MI-Access is ONLY designed for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities
John Jaquith (Michigan)
@Michelle - MI-Access is the alternate for MME, but again only for students with significant cognitive disabilities, meeting the eligibility and have it designated on the IEP.